[Poll] On Skilltree Perceptions (2024)

Never gonna give you up,

never gonna let you down,

never gonna run around and

desert you!

Never gonna make you cry,

never gonna saaay goodbyeee

never gonna teeeell a lieeee

and hurt you!


Here we are.

Frankly a reason why i fell into burnout with DST at around 2020-2023 was my experience of the lack of non character rework content and the repetitiveness of the default content loop. At the time of Wolfgang's rework, barring the great forum dumpster fires that occurred, and despite my efforts to start a Wormwood playthrough in memory of Helicalpuma, the constant similarity of gameplay, especially early game, genuinely left me physically drowsy every time i decided to hop onto DST.

And the character reworks don't exactly change that, because regardless of each character being changed the core gameplay loop remains mostly the same. Sure, there are characters which interfere with it (and i main one of them, Warly) but for the most part it's just: get resources, fight weaker monsters for resources, get more resources, establish resources in base, fight stronger monsters, get specific seasonal gear to invalidate seasons, get strongest possible gear, amass snowball of resources, fight strongest enemies present, repeat ad nauseam.

And we could have received changes to these fundamental parts of the games that could have worked! For instance, as early as Hamlet, we could have gotten alternate attacks per weapon, such as the spear thrust shown in the earliest hamlet gameplay trailer. We could have gotten even more seasonal content, more challenges and boons, more things to explore, more ways to play the game like RWYS. And though I'm not saying we never did, it's undeniable that most of the content updates focused on the characters instead, which in my view redirected resources from fleshing out base game content itself, therefore leaving it more or less the same loop I grew tired of.

The exception of all things was RWYS which provided me with an enjoyable enough distraction that rewarded me every time i experimented with it, especially since it reworked an old mechanic that i genuinely still engaged with on any character barring Wigfrid simply because i liked dragonfruit and dragonpie.

Sometimes some interesting things like the archives or the moon quay or knobbly trees or moonstorms got added but they haven't been so impactful for me to break out of the default loop to go out of the way for and experience. And since i'm already drowsy and bored well before all the apparent fun that either late-pre-rift or post rift content can provide, I've already stopped playing before reaching those points of the game.

However, post rift content provides sort of a new "early game" loop that each character will ultimately have to deal with in semisimilar fashions given it's a universal change to one of the game's most fundamental mechanics (combat).

What i wanted to see, before any skill trees were implemented, was fleshing out post rift content first. I'd love to have seen how each character, on pre rift stats and without skill trees, would have thrived against increasingly more challenging changes to the base gameplay loop, what with the initial uproar planar mechanics caused. Heck, we could have gotten crumbs of character stuff by the least and it would have been alright in my opinion for so long as rift content was fun enough to engage with on any character,

But since we're still seeing the same focus on characters, still, I can only hope. However, I am proven somewhat wrong by the changes and QOL they've made for the Ocean and for storage like the elastispacers and I certainly do hope for more non skill tree content in a similar vein to that.

On another hand, in terms of community interactions, most discussion is always focused on the characters as a result of changes being focused on the characters. So much so that I (jokingly) feel the rest of the game's content being removed in exchange for certain characters' suggested skill tree changes would be a widely praised change given how many skill tree threads there are.

At this point, when more content for post-rift gameplay inevitably gets added, i'd be willing to wager people are going to wish/suggest/spam that their mains got more buffs on post-rift skill trees than just choosing in between bonus damage for their mains based on affinity, instead of engaging with the content itself and strategizing with it.

[Poll] On Skilltree Perceptions (2024)
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