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2004 Grand Sturdy 430 AC Twin€229,000

Linssen stands for quality, reliability, design and comfort. This Grand Sturdy 430AC Twin version also adds excellent sailing and maneuvering characteristics. In short, a wonderful motor yacht to sail on, for long onboard stays and so practical in every respect. She further excels in the large amount of living and storage space on board and from the salon you have a beautiful overview of the surroundings. The aft deck with ditto view is easily accessible and the sidedecks with side entry are nice and wide. Just a very nice gentleman's motor yacht in all aspects.... read more

Length: 13.17m
Location: Netherlands
Price: €229,000Tax Paid
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ID: 743669 (Trade)

Posted: 2 hours ago

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1965 Van Lent€295,000

MUMTAJ, a Feadship built in 1965 by the famous Royal Van Lent shipyard. The MUMTAJ is a member of the Feadship Herritage Fleet. Refitted in 2018/19 in the Netherlands. MUMTAJ radiates bespoke luxury of the 60's with all new teak decks, floors, ceilings, kitchen, electrics, engines, bespoke leather upholstery and mahogany. There is a recent survey report of the yacht available. Make an appointment for viewing in Loosdrecht!... read more

Length: 16.22m
Location: Netherlands
Price: €295,000Tax Paid
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ID: 636673 (Trade)

Posted: 3 hours ago

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Voormalig binnenvaart vrachtschip type Spits, dat door de huidige eigenaar volledig is heringericht tot een comfortabel Varend Woonschip annex kleinschalig charterschip annex B&B. Er zijn op het moment 2 twee persoons gastenhutten elk met een eigen badkamer en er is 1 één persoons hut met eigen toiletruimte. De eigenaarshut is in de achterroef waarbij de badkamer zich in het oude ruim bevindt. Onder het terras is een extra hut welke nu als hobbyruimte in gebruik is maar ook als extra hut ingericht kan worden. De manoeuvreerbaarheid is goed te noemen middels een krachtige 360 graden draaibare... read more

Length: 39.09m
Location: Zeeland Netherlands
Price: €349,500
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ID: 770325 (Trade)

Posted: 6 hours ago

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Damen Stan Launch 43 - €45,000

Workboat Damen Stanlaunch 4312.65X 3.65m draft max 1.25m Engine: GM 4-71N Shaft sales checked and renewed, You have to do some major paintworksContact me to get more information, WhatsApp, mail or by Phone.... read more

Location:Zuid-Holland Netherlands
Price: €45,000
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ID: 770301 (Private)

Posted: 10 hours ago

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Stevens 1600 Dutch Steel Trawler - ST600The Stevens Range of Dutch Steel or Aluminium Motor Cruisers are built from 12-16m in both Displacement and Semi-displacement models in a range of styles to suit your needs, Cruisers, Vlets, Slingshot and Trawlers. Our yard based in Drachten Holland 'Smelne Yacht Centre' are custom yacht builders producing exquisite one-off yachts that are renown for their quality of finish, attention to detail and, above all else, are individually built just for you. The Stevens 1600 Trawler Cabriolet is a perfect example, designed and built with low w... read more

Length: 15.90m
Location: Netherlands Netherlands
Price: €1,224,480
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ID: 721798 (Trade)

Posted: 14 hours ago

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2003 1030€197,500

A timeless modern classic. This Van Wijk 1030 offers the perfect combination between style, comfort and performance thanks to the powerful 315hp Yanmar diesel engine. Equipped with 1 cabin and 2 berths, an electric stove and refrigerator. This makes it the ultimate yacht for a weekend away with family or friends. This Van Wijk has always been moored in a covered marina. If you would like to experience the Van Wijk in real life, please feel free to visit us at the office in Loosdrecht.... read more

Length: 10.30m
Location: Netherlands
Price: €197,500Tax Paid
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ID: 733858 (Trade)

Posted: 23 hours ago

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Seagoing live aboard tug €195,000

Powerful Mercedes V10 engine, fully equipped with new technology... read more

Length: 21.72m
Location: Netherlands Netherlands
Price: €195,000
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ID: 516359 (Trade)

Posted: 1 day ago

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2012 1500 Aquarolls€449,500

The Aqua-Rolls Centurion is with a length of just over 15 meters the first mini-superyacht in the world. Complete with Seakeeper gyro stabilizer, a dual air conditioning system and a private water supply. The hull is made of a 34mm carbon laminate, capable of withstanding any type of collision and handling the roughest seas. Superior building quality combined with modern technology and timeless design.... read more

Length: 15.20m
Location: Netherlands
Price: €449,500Tax Not Paid
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ID: 539044 (Trade)

Posted: 1 day ago

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Beurtmotor 23.15 met CBB€449,500

Het betreft een Varend Woonschip dat is gebouwd met het oog op comfort voor het wonen aan boord met daarbij ook de mogelijkheid hebben om de binnenwateren van Europa te verkennen. Denk daarbij aan de Franse, Belgische, Duitse en Nederlandse binnenwateren. Maar ook verder naar Polen behoort tot de mogelijkheden. Het is een CE-C gecertificeerd schip dus ook de kustwateren mogen bevaren worden. Voorzien van een ruime eigenaarshut met en-suite badkamer, twee gastenhutten met een gastenbadkamer, een ruime salon met voldoende bergruimte onder de vloer en een stuurhut met stuurstand en keuken. Het is... read more

Length: 23.15m
Location: Netherlands
Price: €449,500
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ID: 751915 (Trade)

Posted: 1 day ago

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2017 E40 Sedan€255,000

The Bavaria E40 Sedan stands for efficiency, economy and extra space. With her single, 300hp engine she is a comfortable sea-kindly vessel. The saloon layout is unique, with the helm located just inside the co*ckpit doors and living space and galley spreading out forward. The sheer amount of glass give excellent views out. She comes with a master cabin up in the forepeak with separate shower/toilet nestling just aft, and two, near-identical stern cabins with a starboard bathroom. Overall, a vessel that brings elegance to your cruising lifestyle! She can be seen in Denmark.... read more

Length: 12.29m
Location: Netherlands
Price: €255,000Tax Paid
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ID: 751916 (Trade)

Posted: 1 day ago

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