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Seagoing live aboard tug €195,000

Powerful Mercedes V10 engine, fully equipped with new technology... read more

Length: 21.72m
Location: Netherlands Netherlands
Price: €195,000
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ID: 516359 (Trade)

Posted: 1 day ago

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Luxe Motor. New Built€335,000

Luxe motor Rybinsk. New built 2001. Commissioned in 2006.Luxury interior in teakwood. Equipped for cruising or living onboard. No ES-TRIN needed.Fully insulated. Thermal broken TOP windows 2020.6000 ltr ballast tank which also could be used an additional black water tank. Hydraulic steering.... read more

Length: 18.30m
Location: Friesland Netherlands
Price: €335,000Tax Paid
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ID: 724778 (Trade)

Posted: 2 days ago

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Converted Spits Peniche€150,000

Converted spits barge for sale. In the former hold is already a big living room created. There is plenty of space for a double bedroom and bathroom in the already converted aft hold. Forward hold is still original and could be used for a workshop or bedrooms.If the barge needs to be shortened to just under 30 meters you don't have to cut into the new living area.This barge has big potential as she is already converted and would save you lots of money with the current prices of labour and materials.Valid ES-TRIN. Good hull report.... read more

Length: 38.90m
Location: Netherlands
Price: €150,000Tax Paid
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ID: 733291 (Trade)

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Lemmeraak Chartership "Senta"

Sturdy sailing ship, suitable for a wide sailing area.Lemmeraak yacht. Completely rebuilt in 2000 from the hull under RHC class.A unique opportunity to acquire a beautifully classic-lined ship with modern technology,suitable for private use or small-scale charters: read more

Length: 14.50m
Location: Netherlands
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ID: 769077 (Trade)

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Barge, longer journeys€65,000

Hamburger Barkas, Barge 'Gertje', liveaboard-leisure, built in 1965, dim. 18.24 x 4.25 x 1.60 meters. Mercedes 225 HP diesel, revision 2020, 50 running hours after revision.The Gertje is a cool, beautiful, heavily built ship with a large aft deck with sun tent, very spacious (living) bridge, large aft cabin with functional galley, 6 sleeping places and neat engine room. The whole has a cozy feel and is well maintained.... read more

Length: 18.24m
Location: Zuid-Holland Netherlands
Price: €65,000Tax Paid
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Spacious houseboat without mooring€155,000

Are you dreaming of owning a robust, ready-to-move-in floating residence? The relatively young vessel ‘Aemstelredam’ can make that dream a reality. Split into three sections, this approximately 39-meter-long barge not only offers ample space but also a multitude of possibilities. The main living area, with its private entrance via a generous sun terrace, is situated in the ship's middle. The original cabin on the aft deck serves as a small, self-contained apartment, while the ship's front features a large workshop with office space, storage, and a sleeping berth.T... read more

Length: 38.92m
Location: Noord-Holland Netherlands
Price: €155,000Tax Paid
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ID: 742089 (Trade)

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aak Den Onthaestingh€160,000

recreation vessel 30 people... read more

Length: 20m
Location: Utrecht Netherlands
Price: €160,000
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ID: 232796 (Trade)

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Groninger Boltjalk 23 metres (75,6 ft) cvo 2029 - €119,500

Beautiful Groninger Boltjalk!The superstructure was rebuild in an historic way (designed by naval architect de Wit) so that she has the lines that she had in the '30's. This makes it a lot easier to get an berth.CVO until may 12th 2029!Surveyed and the hull was treated/blackened in 2021The superstructure will be painted the next few months.No berth, but she was accepted for a berth and has a berth in Leeuwarden (nl). This berth is not transferable. But it is possible to apply for a berth. There are offcourse also a lot other possibilities concerning berths.... read more

Location:Friesland Netherlands
Price: €119,500Tax Paid
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ID: 745429 (Private)

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Halve Maen€38,000

A beautiful former sailing fisherman HN2, conversion 1975,lovely family ship with spacious, safe co*ckpit and a lot of attention on the water... read more

Length: 11.30m
Location: Groningen Netherlands
Price: €38,000
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ID: 698166 (Trade)

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Dutch Barge, ideal for France€150,000

Barge, Livingship 'Avantage' incl. mooring in Krimpen a/d IJssel, by. 1908, dim. 23.00 x 4.10 x 1.00 m. DAF 80 HP. Large lockable aft deck/wheelhouse, cozy saloon, practical kitchen, wood heater, C-H, 6 berths, lot's of extra's. Very suitable for French Waters due her low air draft. Price ship only€ 150.000, with mooring + licence € 175.000... read more

Length: 23m
Location: Zuid-Holland Netherlands
Price: €150,000Tax Paid
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ID: 383467 (Trade)

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